Helping Children Grow Spiritually: Youth Ministry Programs You Can Start in Your Own Church


If you belong to any Christian church, you probably have one or more youth ministry programs which engage and enlighten young minds about God, Christ, and the Bible. If you currently are unaware of any programs, there are several which you can ask your church elders to start. You can also ask their permission to start one of these programs yourself. AWANA. (Ages 2–18) AWANA., also known simply as Awana, is a children's ministry and Christian children's club that teaches children about Christ and about the Bible.

30 July 2015

Important Tips For Making A Photographic Memorial Slide Show


Photographic memorial slideshows are a special way to honor the departed during their funeral service. If you're considering making this kind of presentation for an upcoming funeral, these tips will help you get started.  Cover a Variety of Aspects of the Person's Life Try to cover all phases and important aspects of the person's life.  Various ages Places of importance Work Hobbies Pick High Resolution Images Remember that these pictures are going to be blown up on a screen in front of the entire funeral service.

28 July 2015

Why Attend A Bible Study And What To Expect


The Bible consists of sixty-six books. These books are broken down between the Old Testament which contains thirty-nine books and the New Testament which contains twenty-seven books. As you might imagine, the Bible isn't a book that is read overnight. One of the best ways to read and absorb this book is by participating in a Bible study. Benefits of Attending a Bible Study Attending a structured Bible study helps people gain knowledge from not only the Bible but from each other.

7 July 2015