how churches help during the difficult times

There have been times in my life that have been far too difficult to get through without help. When I found myself homeless and 16, I found a wonderful church that helped me find my way. About ten years later, I fell on hard times a second time and knew exactly where to go for help. Since then, I have been a member of that church and have managed to keep out of trouble and maintain a steady and comfortable life. If you are going through any kind of hard time, my blog can help you understand how a church can help you pull through it.

Helping Children Grow Spiritually: Youth Ministry Programs You Can Start in Your Own Church


If you belong to any Christian church, you probably have one or more youth ministry programs which engage and enlighten young minds about God, Christ, and the Bible. If you currently are unaware of any programs, there are several which you can ask your church elders to start. You can also ask their permission to start one of these programs yourself.

AWANA. (Ages 2–18)

AWANA., also known simply as Awana, is a children's ministry and Christian children's club that teaches children about Christ and about the Bible. The groups usually meet once a week in a church setting and there are several leaders who lead sessions on specific biblical teachings that are geared towards a child's understanding. This organization was started over seventy years ago, and now nearly every church and every religious faith that believes in Christ has an Awana program. Because the program starts out with toddlers and goes straight through adolescence, you really do not need an additional youth ministry if your church can only afford to support one program.

C-Team (7th and 8th graders only)

C-Team, or Christ's Team, begins the preparations middle schoolers will need if they want to pursue any sort of missionary work. The organization's materials lay the missionary foundation in these 12–14-year-olds. Middle schoolers can decide if a life of serving God and Christ continuously is right for them. Even if the life of a missionary is not right for someone in the group, the kids can still have their own communion and connection to Christ with everything that happens in C-Team meetings.  They can also meet and make long-lasting Christian friends through the weekly meetings and the annual trip, which is meant to get kids to think about their own personal relationships with God.

SWAT Team (High Schoolers Only)

SWAT, which usually stands for Special Weapons and Tactics, in this case stands for Spiritual Warfare and Tactics. High school kids who have received special training in street preaching take a couple of missions trips each year to put into practice what they have learned. The belief is that "the enemy" has all kinds of ways to defeat missionaries and their purpose, which is to lead others to Christ and life eternal in Heaven. To defeat the enemy, missionaries, and missionaries-in-training such as these high schoolers, have to learn how to respond to those who initially refuse the gospel and how to pursue someone that really does need Christ in his or her life. Talk to your church, one like Crossroads Baptist Church, to get a youth ministry started.


30 July 2015