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There have been times in my life that have been far too difficult to get through without help. When I found myself homeless and 16, I found a wonderful church that helped me find my way. About ten years later, I fell on hard times a second time and knew exactly where to go for help. Since then, I have been a member of that church and have managed to keep out of trouble and maintain a steady and comfortable life. If you are going through any kind of hard time, my blog can help you understand how a church can help you pull through it.

Important Tips For Making A Photographic Memorial Slide Show


Photographic memorial slideshows are a special way to honor the departed during their funeral service. If you're considering making this kind of presentation for an upcoming funeral, these tips will help you get started. 

Cover a Variety of Aspects of the Person's Life

Try to cover all phases and important aspects of the person's life. 

  • Various ages
  • Places of importance
  • Work
  • Hobbies

Pick High Resolution Images

Remember that these pictures are going to be blown up on a screen in front of the entire funeral service. Low quality, low resolution images may look even worse when made exceptionally large. Try to use only crisp, high quality images. 

Pick a Song

Pick the song that will play in the background after you've chosen the images. Do your best to choose a song that would have been appreciated by the person being memorialized and which also fits the mood of the service. If you're not sure which songs, artists, albums or genres of music to use, take a peak at the person's music collection (if they have one). 

When making a choice, consider the length of the song as an important factor. It's best if the song can run its course and finish when the last picture is being shown, which means that the song you choose should probably be no longer than about 5 minutes. Once you've selected the song, divide the length of the song in seconds by the number of pictures you've chosen for the show. This resulting number is the number of seconds that each picture will be shown. Once you've put the slideshow together, watch the presentation with a critical eye. One of the things you'll be watching for is whether or not the slideshow lingers on individual pictures for too long. If the number of seconds dedicated to each photograph seems to span an awkward length of time, it's best to add more photographs or choose a shorter song. 

Put it All Together

Give your presentation to the funeral director (like those at Louis Suburban Chapel Inc.) prior to the funeral service to ensure that the slide show is loaded into a computer and ready to display when the time comes. Do this at least the day before the funeral just in case the file doesn't work with the computer or some other technical issue comes up. 

Putting together a memorial slide show can feel like a lot of pressure when preparing for a funeral service. Try to relax during the process. Think of it as a good opportunity to think through your memories of the departed person. Making the slideshow could be a therapeutic experience in your time of grief.  


28 July 2015