how churches help during the difficult times

There have been times in my life that have been far too difficult to get through without help. When I found myself homeless and 16, I found a wonderful church that helped me find my way. About ten years later, I fell on hard times a second time and knew exactly where to go for help. Since then, I have been a member of that church and have managed to keep out of trouble and maintain a steady and comfortable life. If you are going through any kind of hard time, my blog can help you understand how a church can help you pull through it.

Why Attend A Bible Study And What To Expect


The Bible consists of sixty-six books. These books are broken down between the Old Testament which contains thirty-nine books and the New Testament which contains twenty-seven books. As you might imagine, the Bible isn't a book that is read overnight. One of the best ways to read and absorb this book is by participating in a Bible study.

Benefits of Attending a Bible Study

Attending a structured Bible study helps people gain knowledge from not only the Bible but from each other. Bible studies are prepared in a manner that helps those doing the study by:

  • Setting an order of study
  • Structuring scripture readings, so they mesh and flow in a way that helps those attending understand God's Word
  • Encouraging participation in discussions
  • Providing participants a safe place to discuss what they are learning and how it is affecting them

Those who are new to reading the Bible often find a study to be the best way to be introduced to scripture. Those who want a deeper understanding of scripture often find it while participating in a Bible study.

What to Expect from a Bible Study

Bible studies are planned so they provide an ordered way of reading and discussing the books of the Bible. This doesn't mean that you will read the entire Bible from beginning to end during your study. What you do read has been selected to provide a comprehensive study.

If you are considering doing a Bible study and feel a bit apprehensive, you aren't alone. Many people are nervous about these studies for a number of reasons. You may feel like you won't fit in. There isn't any one stereotype of people who attend Bible studies. You may find people from all walks of life attending. These studies are for anyone who is interested learning or studying scripture. They may be attendees who have never read any of the Bible, some who have dabbled in scripture, and even those who have read the Bible many times.

Studying the Bible is open to people of all religions as well as to those that are of no specific religion. The Old Testament is very similar to the Tanakh or Written Torah. Those of the Jewish faith may find that attending a Bible study setting gives them new insight into their history. Anyone who is curious about God's Word will undoubtedly benefit from a Bible study program.

Most Bible studies are small groups of people who gather on a set day and time. Scripture readings are assigned, usually daily readings, and when the groups meet they discuss what they have read. This is when you can bring questions to the group. People share what the assigned scripture meant to them. You may find that you got something different from the readings. This is perfectly fine. Scripture means different things to different people. If you continue to read the Bible, you will find that a piece of scripture that said something to you the last time you read it has a different meaning when read again.

This big book named the Bible can be intimidating. Why not join a Bible study that can help you read one of the oldest books in history in a supportive and welcoming environment? For more information on groups near you, contact a local church, such as New Gethsemane Baptist Church.


7 July 2015